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Производственные линии химических компонентов


ASA is highly expert in the design and manufacture of equipment intended for the production of chemical components.  We are ready to offer a full cycle of services for the creation of production lines of chemical components, from the development of project documentation, design of the relevant installations and facilities, to the implementation of construction work, manufacturing and commissioning of equipment at the customer site.

Производственные линии химических компонентов

Our main advantages are our own construction, production and laboratory facilities, comprehensive approach and experienced team of engineers.

All production lines are based on the latest safety, process automation and environmental protection solutions available in the market and comply with the strictest European standards. Production lines are equipped with a modern control module that ensures smooth operation and high productivity of the equipment. Due to the use of the latest technological solutions in the field of automation, the control of the production process can be performed remotely by operators. Thus, 1-2 persons (operators) are enough to control the entire production process.

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