ASA is a dynamically developing Ukrainian engineering company. In our work we focus on automation and computerization of technological processes within the framework of Industry 4.0. Our company specialists create IT products and solutions for various industries.

Our company has all the necessary material and technical resources to carry out the most complex projects in the field of industrial automation. Our own production facilities and optimal staffing structure allow us to significantly reduce the cost of projects without loss of quality.

ASA company is represented on the international market. We have successfully performed work on the design and implementation of APCS in countries such as: China, India, Colombia, Brazil, Poland, Kazakhstan, and this is just the beginning.

We are ready to offer turnkey solutions of APCS, from design to production and installation of equipment at the Customer’s site. We guarantee the quality of our services and are always ready to provide technical support to our customers.


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The mission of our company is developing and implementation innovative technological solutions based on automation and computerization of technological processes. We constantly follow the trends of our industry and cooperate with leading technology companies.

ASA (Automation Spirit Alliance) is an international alliance of high-tech industrial companies, which actively develop their business around the world and provide new opportunities for your business.

  • Automation
  • IT Services
  • Technology Integration
  • Equipment Manufacturing



Highly qualified personnel consisting of leading engineers of Ukrainian research institutes.


High expertise in development of unique control systems for hazardous and dangerous production lines and technological processes


Individual approach to each client, based on understanding the needs of the customer.


Foundation of Automation Spirit Alliance.

- 2014

Development of an automated process control system for the Alcantara spaceport (Brazil). Development of automated control system for innovative equipment for cavitation treatment of heavy oil (Colombia).

- 2015

Development of automation system for sewage treatment plants in Kaliningrad (Russia). In partnership with ECOPOLYMER. Development of automated process control system for PepsiCo plant in Moscow (Russia).

- 2016

Entering European market. Cooperation agreement was signed with ASA-Projekt Wroclaw (Poland).

- 2017

Development of automatic process control system for production lines of high-energy materials for Pavlograd Chemical Plant.

- 2018

Development of APCS for rubber production line. In partnership with Jakusz (Poland).

- 2019

Development of APCS for chemical components production equipment. In partnership with KBR Plinke (Germany).

- 2020

Development and implementation of own IT products for data processing and classification.

- 2021


Our production facilities and products comply with the highest international standards and have the appropriate quality certificates.


We create automated control systems using highly reliable equipment from the world’s leading technical companies.

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