Innovative technological solutions are a valuable strategic resource. They allow you to eliminate the problems that could not be solved by standard methods, as well as to step forward and leave behind competitors, allowing you to bring your business to a new level.

Our team of specialists has experience in implementing innovative technological projects in the CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, and has all the necessary skills and knowledge to provide services for the integration of innovative technological solutions.

We are ready to provide professional advice and act as an integrator of the technologies listed below.



Heavy Oil Cavitation Treatment

Creation of industrial, environmentally friendly technological complexes for modification of heavy oil, to reduce its viscosity and density, in order to obtain economic benefits through: an increase in the total amount of commercial oil, reducing costs for its transportation, increasing the yield of light petroleum products.


Complex technology of detection and suppression of unmanned aerial vehicles

Complex system of detecting and suppressing unmanned aerial vehicles is intended for protection of airspace above the industrial site (perimeter) from unauthorized penetration of unmanned aerial vehicles at the guarded territories.

Производственные линии

Production lines of chemical components

Complete cycle of chemical components production lines, from design of corresponding buildings and constructions, to equipment manufacturing and commissioning.


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