Iiot - industrial internet of things

ASA develops automation concepts and technologies that can be applied in all types of industrial companies, including discrete and continuous production.  The software products developed by our company make it possible to fully automate production where all processes are controlled in real time and with respect to changing external conditions. Internet technologies play an important role in this process, ensuring communication between personnel and machines.

ASA contributes to the process of transition to digital future in the market of industrial automation. We provide professional services of web-application development and complex software solutions for various industries. We offer a full cycle of software development – from analysis and design to product implementation and maintenance.

ASA is a Ukrainian developer in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and creation of software robot control systems. Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) is the same automation of business processes, but with more technological approaches and tools, such as machine learning (ML), data mining and chat bots. Bots will be able to manage workflows, integrate with business rules and solutions, manage materials and collect data – all so that the company can meet current challenges more effectively and set even more ambitious goals.

Development process by

The custom software development process includes the following steps:

  1. Preliminary study of the automation object
  2. Pilot project implementation
  3. Working out technical specifications
  4. Development of conceptual design
  5. Implementation and testing of the working draft (software development)
  6. Preliminary software testing
  7. Test operation of the software
  8. Industrial operation of the software

Our technological solutions and software products, based on the internet of things (iiot), allow the following benefits:

– decentralization of the control and monitoring system;

– reduction of the production cycle of products;

– optimization of planning and reduction of production preparation time;

– increased operational efficiency with augmented reality;

– increase in the equipment uptime;

– increasing the quality of manufactured products and reducing the number of customer complaints;

– combining production with information and communication technologies;

– integration of customer data with production data;

– maximizing the use of machine-to-machine interoperability.

In our work we use the following tools and technologies:


Our team of frontend developers helps to improve user experience by creating user-friendly and interactive user interfaces. Taking into account all functional features we develop innovative cross-browser applications that work on any device.

The range of services we provide:

  • – Custom frontend development
  • – UI design
  • – SPA, PWA
Programming languages JavaScript frameworks Cross-platform
JavaScript React React Native
TypeScript Angular Flatter
HTML5 Vue.js
CSS3 Ember.js

Backend development services

Aca engineering’s team of programmers develops easily scalable, reliable and secure web applications of any type and complexity.

The range of services provided:

  • – progressive web applications development;
  • – backend development for mobile applications;
  • – backend development of web portals;
  • – backend development for erp, crm, cms-systems;
  • – backend development for social networks.
Languages and Frameworks Cloud Platforms Databases
Java Amazon EC2 Oracle
.NET Rackspace MS SQL
Python Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL
Ruby on Rails Apprenda MongoDB
C/C++ Heroku Redis
Hadoop Google App Engine HBASE

What determines the cost of software development?

Complexity of the project – software functionality

– Type and number of platforms

– Backend infrastructure & API

– Protection

– Testing & Debugging

– Number of people involved in the project

– Hours spent


Контроль качества

Automated quality control system (AQCS)

Automated system of quality control is intended for optimization of production control process, registration of parameters of finished products with creation of technological passports base and formation of quality certificates. AS QC provides quality control at all stages of production and generation of technological passports for the products.


UAV monitoring and suppression system

Unmanned aerial vehicle detection and suppression system is intended for complete protection of airspace above the industrial site (perimeter) from penetration of unmanned aerial vehicles, to prevent unauthorized access to protected areas.


ASA Engineering provides a full range of software development services. Our professionals will help you find the business solutions that best meet your requirements.


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