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Пусконаладочные работы


Пусконаладочные работы

Commissioning is a very important stage of the APCS implementation. Since we often have to work with non-typical (innovative) projects, it is at the commissioning and adjustment of the APCS according to the needs of the Customer.

The commissioning includes the following work:

Voltage supply to the APCS equipment;

Cranking mechanisms in local mode;

Development of interface protocols with third-party equipment via digital communication channels;

Cross-checking the passage of all signals;

Cranking of mechanisms in manual remote mode;

Development of control program, algorithms;

Carrying out tests;

Training of personnel;

Operational documentation.

All APCS equipment is pre-tested on the test bench in our company’s laboratory. This testing allows you to reduce the time of commissioning works at the customer site, and thus reduces the downtime of the equipment.


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