Испытательные стенды


ASA has unique experience in building test benches for various applications that provide ultra-fast data acquisition. We can measure and record signals at nanosecond intervals! These systems are based on National Instruments equipment and LabView software package.

Test benches play an important role in data collection for further tuning and optimization of equipment. Our company is ready to offer customized test benches for testing various equipment and products with rapidly changing characteristics. The test benches can record the parameters of combustion, detonation, electromagnetic pulse, electrical harmonics, acoustic, optical, etc.

Test benches are equipped with primary measuring transducers, data acquisition modules (DAQ) or measuring controllers, operator workstation, a set of cables and auxiliary equipment.

Испытательные стенды

The software for test benches on the basis of LabView software package allows:

To record and archive the parameters of technological processes in millisecond, microsecond or nanosecond intervals;

To convert and normalize the parameters in real time;

to display the information in real time on the operator’s workstation and provide process control

perform mathematical post-processing of the technological process parameters and generate reports

Keep log of events and operator actions

Data on the test results is presented in the form of reports in various formats, which are developed at customer’s request and can be integrated with the systems of upper level.


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