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Станции оператора и пульты управления


Our company has extensive experience in creating automated process control systems for various technological processes. Operator stations and control panels are an important functional part of the automated control system. In this situation, our task is to create man-machine interface, through which the control and management of technological process. This takes into account both the technical characteristics of the equipment and the wishes of the customer. Reliable equipment and comfortable operator’s workplace is a guarantee of quality work of your technologies.

Станции оператора и пульты управления

Operator stations and control panels allow you to quickly and efficiently monitor and control the individual mechanism or the process as a whole. Control desks are completed with reliable and verified products of the world leading technical companies Siemens and Schneider Electric.The desk has a switch for “Local/Remote” mode, control buttons and, if necessary, indicators of operation and status of the mechanism.

The local control panel is made in a plastic or metal housing with a degree of protection not lower than IP54 and is designed for installation indoors or outdoors. The operator station consists of an LCD control panel with touch screen control, installed in a separate case or in a cabinet. The operator stations are supplied with application software.

Our company is ready to provide both complex solutions for automation of technological processes and to provide services for replacement or modernization of elements of the existing automatic process control system, including control panels and operator stations.


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