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Пульт Управления ASA-MIX-1


The control panel of concrete mixing plant ASA-MIX-1. Ready-made solution for concrete producers. Remote control ASA-MIX-1 adapts to any type of equipment, increases the efficiency of production and provides accurate accounting of materials, excluding theft.

Пульт Управления ASA-MIX-1

AMA-MIX-1 includes a workstation based on a computer with special software that allows you to monitor the process of preparing concrete mix, generate predefined reports, as well as programmable controller that controls the production process.

Adaptive algorithms of the software allow you to work with any type of equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. ACA-MIX-1 control panel has been successfully implemented and shows excellent results on SIMEM, Stetter, MEKA and ELBA equipment.

Implementation of ACA-MIX-1 allows you to significantly improve the accuracy of dosing of the mixture components, improve product quality and reduce production costs.

Management of the process of preparation of concrete is available in automated control mode, with the ability to switch to manual control at any stage of production. The control panel ACA-MIX-1 allows to implement an accurate accounting of material consumption and execution of applications, which excludes theft. It is possible to integrate reports with the existing accounting system of the enterprise.

In today’s environment, modernization and automation of production is a prerequisite for maintaining its position in the concrete and concrete mixing equipment market. Postponing the modernization of equipment for tomorrow, you are already lagging behind your competitors, because they are making a step forward. ASA-Engineering offers to keep up with the times, increasing equipment productivity and reducing production costs by introducing advanced technological solutions in the form of a control panel for concrete mixing plant ASA-MIX-1.


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