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The integrated system of drone detection and suppression is designed to protect the airspace above the industrial site (perimeter) from the penetration of unmanned aerial vehicles, to avoid unauthorized access to the protected areas.

The objectives of implementing an integrated protection system are:

detection of unauthorized appearance of UAVs in the airspace of the perimeter and on approach courses;

generating alarms and alerting the relevant services on the unauthorized appearance of UAVs;

suppression of UAV signals by jamming the radio frequency range of UAV operation;

destruction of drone electronics by electromagnetic pulse (EMP);

collection and archiving of information on the server about the state of the perimeter airspace and display on the operator’s workstation;

integration with related system – perimeter security system.

The integrated system for detection and interception of unmanned aerial vehicles includes:

Comprehensive platform for radio detection and drone suppression. The radio detection and suppression system includes:


A sectoral drone protection system

Optical and acoustic all-around vision and UAV detection system

A system for destroying drone electronics with an electromagnetic EMP pulse

Integrated “AIR SHIELD” control system




AEROSCOPE – drone detection platform

AeroScope is a comprehensive drone detection platform that quickly identifies communication lines between a UAV and its control panel, collects information such as flight status, routes and other information in real time.

A sectoral drone protection system is an additional sectoral detection system for UAVs that do not support standard radio communication protocols.

The sectoral drone defense system includes:

A sectoral drone presence detection system

Drone jamming suppression system (Jammer)

Falcon – a system of optical and acoustic all-round vision and UAV detection.

The SOKOL system of optical and acoustic all-around vision and location provides an automatic overview of a given sector of the semi-space, processes the information received from the TV modules, recognizes and identifies detected objects, calculates and builds the aerial situation and subsequently transmits it to subordinate combat vehicles and the central command post.


System for destroying drone electronics (EMP)

The force impact is carried out by pulsed electromagnetic radiation, which results in functional damage (reversible or irreversible) to the UAV’s radio-electronic equipment.

AIR SHIELD is an integrated control system.

The integrated control system “AIR SHIELD” is the heart of a comprehensive drone defense system. Using advanced information management technology, this system provides tools for centralized monitoring and control, preserving data collected during previous flights.



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