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Automated quality control system is designed to optimize the process of production control, registration of parameters of the finished products, with the creation of a base of technological passports and the formation of quality certificates. AC QC provides quality control at all stages of production and generation of technological passports for articles and semi-products.

At all stages of production the data for the products at the technological areas are entered automatically using electronic scanning, manual input and export of the information from automated control systems of technological processes (ACS TP).

The entire “life cycle” of a product, starting from the entry into production and ending with the packaging of the finished product, is recorded in the electronic technology passport (ETP). To the electronic technology passport is bound information from the APCS, which controls the technological process at each phase: ultrasonic diagnostics, radiological control, visual control. Data of diagnostics and technological parameters of ACSPP, characterizing specific products, are exported to the dedicated technological server of AC QC for their long-term storage.

If required, it is possible to obtain, for each manufactured item, all the comprehensive information on the technological processes related to its manufacturing and the results of control (visual, ultrasonic, radiological).

Контроль качества


visual inspection of products;

applying a QR-code with the label data by means of a laser engraver;

making a record in the electronic data sheet with the label and incoming inspection data;

QR-code application to the sets of molding equipment;

control of preparatory operations;

Recording of the recipe parameters, technological processes of making compositions and molding products with registration of all deviations from the directive technological process.

control of final operations;

generation of product test report with registration of the data in the quality certificate for the batch of products.

At each stage the quality system receives the data from the QR code readers installed at the corresponding control sections, APCS of a particular building and controllers. The data is stored in the database of the quality control system.

Контроль качества


– server/APM of the quality control AS;

– portable automated workstation of the quality control system (in the quality management);

– laser engraver of QR-codes (at the incoming control section);

– QR-code readers at each production area;

– sets of equipment for ultrasonic quality control of the products (SUAD-3000);

– network integration infrastructure.

Контроль качества


The ultrasonic inspection system (SUAD-3000) links the inspection results file to a specific product, logs operator data, date/time, defects detected and work performed to correct them. SUAD-3000 can be adjusted for various diameters of items by rearranging the relevant accessories.

The radiographic inspection system also connects inspection result files for a particular item, recording the operator’s data and detected defects.

The visual inspection system transmits visual inspection data entered manually by the operator.

Each inspection section automatically records the date/time of the operation, the parameters to be inspected, and the inspection results. Operator data, operation results, and, if necessary, data on the raw materials, materials, equipment and tooling used are manually entered.

At the fire test bench area, test results and product parameters recorded during testing are recorded.


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