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Разработка проектной документации


Our project documentation gives the customer the answers to the key questions:

What equipment will be delivered

What kind of work will be done

Estimated cost of the project

When designing, special requirements such as explosion and fire hazards, environmental protection, safety in operation are taken into account on a mandatory basis.

Разработка проектной документации

All projects correspond to state, regional and industry standards as well as internal standards of the enterprise.

Designing can be performed in different variants:

Technical / working / techno-working design of the APCS, in accordance with GOST 34;

Documentation of “Project” or “Working” stage of ATH, AK, A grades in accordance with SPDS;

Documentation in accordance with ISO standards, made with CAD.

Design documentation is developed in the following formats:

AutoCAD, Compass, EPlan Electric P8, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio.


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